Parents Corner

I am the proud parents of a daughter who has emerged from the portals of GRV Public School, her success is viewed as an attribute to the values and life skills bestowed on her by the school.

By Mrs. Uzma

The years spent at GRV Public School,have helped her metamorphose from a shy, awkward young student to a confident, competent and resilient adult- her armour replete with skills to face the challenges of life. Education at GRV Public School,is an all round holistic development of the child, the focus being not only to turn them into erudite scholars but also to inculcate values, which help them to carve a niche for themselves in society.The best part of having both our children studying at GRV Public School, from the very beginning is that we never had to bother much about their wholesome growth and education.

By Mrs. Deepa B Rawath

The excellent school community and faculty members have been able to provide complete environment, which has ensured that both of them are turning out to be confident, self- reliant, intelligent and positive in their attitude towards life. The school has been able to nurture their talents and mould our kids into becoming fine, disciplined, enthusiastic young citizens of this world.